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Stanky® Key Fob Battery (Limited Black Edition)

(56 customer reviews)


350mAh Vape Battery That Flips Open/Closed For a More Discreet Use

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Stanky Key Fob Vape 510 Battery (Limited Black Edition)

StankyVapes Key Fob Vape Battery features a universal 510 threaded connection with a built-in USB charger. It includes a powerful 350mAh lithium battery, variable voltage, and has three different heat settings so you can get the perfect experience every time.

With general use, the battery is powerful enough to stay charged for two or three days. Stanky Vapes Key Fob has a built-in USB charging cable and is easy to recharge in just about 4 hours. Connect the USB charger and the LED light will shine red to show charging has begun. The light will turn green when charging is done.

Instructions For Use:

First, in order to start vaping, connect your cartridge to the Stanky Key Fob vaporizer, press the power button on the side of the device 5 times to turn it ON or OFF. Once the device is on, just press and hold the power button down to begin heating your cartridge. You can change between the three settings by pressing the button three times. After about 12 seconds of heating, the StankyVapes Key Fob Battery will cut power off to your atomizer to prevent overheating and damage.

Use the keyring on the bottom of the device for easy carrying.

Get special attention or stay under the radar with the concealable Stanky Vapes Key Fob Battery today!

Please note: this listing is for the Stanky Key Fob Vape Battery only, so any atomizers/cartridges do not come with this device.

Dimensions: ~1″ x 0.75″ x 4″


56 reviews for Stanky® Key Fob Battery (Limited Black Edition)

  1. Zygmunt Mally

    Great customer service

  2. Austin81

    Great product!

  3. Zhen Xiao

    just what I was looking for

  4. Yoko Kaneta

    Great quality

  5. Yoko Elsasser


  6. Yamile Rivera

    Great product, works better that exprected!

  7. Yan Du

    I love it. Please send info for wholesale pricing

  8. Mason Garcia

    Lovely battery

  9. Randy

    Love it, best device on the market…AWESOME.

  10. Tim D.

  11. Anonymous

    Took the risk buying it online and glad I did. Multiple settings. Fits large cartridges and hits great. Built in charger is a serious upgrade compared to past ones I have used.

  12. Jason

    Amazing product at the best price on the internet!

  13. Jesus Zavala

    Best purchase ever. It works great , looks good and holds a long charge. Will definetly buy another one so I can have a spare.

  14. Michael Anderson

    Premium product, will buy again here

  15. Anonymous

    Good quality, works perfect, charge lasts a while

  16. Greg

    Love this product and good price!

  17. Kareem Anderson

    Compact, poweful and ergonomic

  18. Jesus Zavala

    Best Fob on the market. Easy to use. Very durable.

  19. Jason

    I love this battery. So much I’ve bought a few more as gifts. It’s so fun to play with and the fact that the cartridge is tucked away is a big plus

  20. Alexander Wilson

    Variable voltage, button activated, super easy to use


    Appears to be identical to the FlavRx Key fob battery I have except the Stanky has 3 power settings compared to one on the FlavRx. A lot cheaper too.

  22. Nick More

    Flips out like a keychain, looks like a car key.

  23. Boris White

    Sleek design

  24. Anonymous

    Great vape battery. Discrete and protects your tank when it’s closed. Thank you!!

  25. Liam Brown

    Love Stanky! Your vape batteries are the best! Thank you for a great customer service and fast delivery

  26. Noel Velasquez

    Extremely easy to use, dif settings

  27. Mark L.

    Best of the best. My go to pen!

  28. Cynthia West

    Love this it’s my 4th one

  29. Brian Ackley

    Best pen/battery I’ve ever bought! Hands down! I’ll be back

  30. Al

    Love it. 1.Cart and charging USB is stowed. Protects cart in pocket. No cable needed for charging.

  31. Eric B.

    Excellent product!!

  32. Ramie

    This is my 2nd purchase of this vape battery. I’m in the industry, so require a slightly more robust unit. The first lasted almost 2 years, and my hope is this one will withstand wearing daily at home and at work at the dispensary. My only concern is this unit doesn’t stay in the ‘lock’ position letting the cartridge flip open. The draw, cooling after use, and durability are my requirements. Sleek design and function are great. To make excellent- it would REALLY be a key fob, lol.

  33. Rob

    Very low key, works very well. My go to battery for festivals.

  34. Anonymous

    It’s a great little vape. Have it on my keychain, and no one has even looked twice at it. Great for discrete puffs when
    you’re in the company of the “reefer madness”/gateway drug brigade.

  35. Anonymous

    Good deal

  36. Michelle Smith

  37. Brittney J.

    Great Purchase! I already have a vape pen but needed another one, as a back up. I ordered via Stanky Vapes after an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. They weren’t wrong! This vape pen is IT!! Don’t hesitate. Purchase immediately!!

    Kind Regards,

    Fellow Stoner

  38. Anonymous

    Love my new Stanky vape! So cool. Pulled it out at a party and everyone was wowed! Works great as well…. nice small size and you can stand it up so your juice doesn’t get stuck at the top. Very cool.

  39. James

    Great and fast!!

  40. Anna G.

    Haven’t used yet

  41. Charles Smith

    I was searching everywhere for these. I found a few on the internet but they we three times the cost of this one. I came across Stanky’s website and found these. I bought 3 of these for the price of 1 on other websites. And it’s a great product, very durable, and it’s works GREAT !!!! Thanks Stanky’s !!!!!

  42. John Regan

    Nice design efficient

  43. Victoria D.

  44. Heather W.

    Best on the market. I always recommended this battery to anyone looking!

  45. Anonymous

    Sleek, durable, unique design that has a great battery life for continuous daily use. Would recommend to all who want to be different.


    I’ve owned a few. These are a great value and work amazingly.

  47. TRACY

    I love it. It’s flippen awesome!!!

  48. Anonymous

    It’s great! I like how it just looks like a car key. Fits in my hand, I attached a key chain to keep track of it.

  49. Ronald K.

    Best Key Fob vape

  50. Danielle Distefano

    Me & my husband’s love the product thank you very much.

  51. Cathy C.

    Exactly what I was looking for! Fast shipping

  52. Duane Ross

  53. Brittany

    My favorite battery by far. Love the attached charger. My dog’s name is Stinky, so I love seeing the name Stanky as I go to hit my cart.

  54. Steven T.

    Should be called the Low-key fob. I like that it protects the cart from damage and the battery life is outstanding! Perfect for all my stanky needs! 😶‍🌫️

  55. Ronald K.

    This is my 2nd one and they are the best

  56. Cory G.

    Great item! Buy this now. Super easy to keep in your pocket

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