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Stanky® Key Fob Battery (Silver Plate)

(38 customer reviews)


350mAh Vape Battery That Flips Open/Closed For a More Discreet Use
This product is temporary out of stock due to manufacture production delay. Meanwhile we recommend you purchase Limited Black Edition Key Fob Battery (same product, different color).

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Stanky Key Fob Battery (Silver Plate)


This product is temporary out of stock due to manufacture production delay. Meanwhile we recommend you purchase Limited Black Edition Key Fob Battery (same product, different color).

Stanky Vapes Key Fob Vape Battery features a universal 510 threaded connection with a built-in USB charger, so you’ll always be powered up. It is embedded with a powerful 350mAh lithium battery, and is variable voltage with 3 different heat settings.

With general use, the battery is powerful enough to stay charged for two or three days. Stanky Vapes Key Fob has a built-in USB charging cable. Easy to recharge and use in just about 4 hours. Connect the USB charger and the LED indicator will shine red to show charging has begun. The light will turn green when charging is complete.

Instructions For Use:

First, to start vaping, connect your cartridge to the Stanky Key Fob vaporizer. After that, press the power button on the side of the device 5 times within 2 seconds to turn the device ON or OFF. Then, once the device is on, just press and hold the power button down to begin heating your cartridge. You can change between the three settings by pressing the button 3 times quickly. After about 12 seconds of continuous heating the Stanky Key FOB Vape Battery will automatically cut power to your atomizer to prevent over-heating/damage.

Use the keyring on the bottom of the device for your convenience, so you will always have what you need. Perfect for when you travel to your favorite hangout or social event.

Get special attention or stay discreet with the concealable Stanky Vapes Key Fob Battery when you order today! The cool, fun design will draw the envy of all your friends, and you can enjoy performance to match!

Please note that this listing is for the Stanky Key Fob Vape Battery only, any atomizers/cartridges do not come included with this device.

Dimensions: ~1″ x 0.75″ x 4″


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Black, Silver

38 reviews for Stanky® Key Fob Battery (Silver Plate)

  1. Alex Smith

    Awesome product! Very easy to use. Charges well and I love the logo!

  2. amy

    NO LEAKS! Amazing product! I have tried a lot of pens and I love this one! Thank you!

  3. Anthony

    Damn, I love this little thing. Gets the job done super good. I had underestimated the design and all, but it’s pretty neat. I can tap it wherever like a ninja. I’m baked now, thanks StankVapes!

  4. William Thelmo

    Great value – great quality!

  5. Xin Li

    Thank you

  6. William Stargard

    Love the product

  7. Ximena Rodriguez

    Fast shipping

  8. Yatin Gajjar

    Love the product and logo

  9. Benjamin Thomas

    Excellent battery

  10. Ximena Pelaez

    Had to get replacement after one week. They were easy to deal with

  11. bbbhgf

    Cool stuff, reordered twice

  12. Ava Miller

    Works great, bought another one for a friend

  13. Elijah V.

    I had a key fob battery very similar in design and everything. But this one is much smoother and easier to use. And HALF THE PRICE! I could hardly even get the USB port out of its slot on the other battery(Prime2.0). The Stanky Key Fob is well worth what I paid

  14. Cynthia W.

    This is 3rd one husband loves it.

  15. Jamie S.

    This cartridge battery I bought has been the best battery ever!! It stays charged for quite awhile my cartridge stays on the battery while it charges even! Very discrete to carry in my purse even!

  16. Mike

    fast as promised

  17. Jenifer P.

    Want to be able to enjoy your cartridge without it falling out of your pocket for everyone to see? Try this baby! I love that it fits in the pocket of small jeans and no one knows when I take a puff. It is great for travel and protects my products. This Stanky Key Fob Battery is my absolute favorite battery. It charges fast and last all day for my smoking needs. You can’t get a better deal than this baby. You better buy one before I buy them all. ???

  18. Jesus Zavala

    Best purchase ever. It works great , looks good and holds a long charge. Will definetly buy another one so I can have a spare.

  19. Anonymous


  20. Kyle

    These are the only vape batteries I will buy! Great for carts and love the flip out feature.

  21. Michael Anderson

    Best battery I’ve ever had!

  22. Maggie Bat

    Easy to adjust voltage settings

  23. Jesus Zavala

    Best Fob on the market. Easy to use. Very durable.

  24. Frank Scott

    Most powerful battey I’ve ever had

  25. Sophia Jones

    Stanky is the best! Love my key fob battery

  26. Erik C.

    Awesome battery and convenient love the flip feature. The black case around it near where the cartridge is my only concern because there’s no way to make sure the unit doesn’t spilt down the middle. I’ve already had to reinforce with a piece of tape so it doesn’t accidentally split apart on me. I’m pretty sure I got one that barely passed QC, other than that I’d definitely recommend the battery. Just keep in mind if the construction and make sure it isn’t loose down the split.

  27. Herald Swatz

    Charges fast, love it

  28. Marko Zuber

  29. Stanley

    I like this product it works good an I like how it had different settings

  30. Heather W.

    Lightweight and easy to use! Holds a charge really well. I love it!

  31. Anonymous

    I loved them I bought one for a co worker and we get ripped too frequently to remember where we put our pens all the time. But once you attach it to your keychain you’ll be set for life

  32. Anonymous

    Super quick shipping which is appreciated. Love this key fob, it’s a simple & small solution with an attached charging cord usb so the convenience is stellar.

  33. Keith B.

    Perfect transaction! Stellar customer service AND crazy fast shipping!

  34. Joseph Ogrady

  35. Darrell

    Perfect tool for discreet hits in environments not conducive to consumption.

    To put it bluntly, keeps my cartridge consumption on the low say work.

    Great product. Own 3 now. Highly recommended.

  36. Beth

    Absolutlely love my new Stanky Vape pen!! Super convienant and concealed, perfect for my always on the go lifestyle! The charger being attached to the device makes it fool proof! Mine lasts days before I have to recharge. Buying for all my friends – a great find! Thanks Stanky Vapes!

  37. Anonymous

    Very strong for its size, great quality and performance, makes life simple while being compact itself, sad to not have certain features however it makes up for it in more ways than one, would definitely recommend!!

  38. Matthew J.

    Stanky to the rescue! I haven’t bought a new pen battery in 4 years. I wanted one just like my old design and Stanky killed it! I popped on a new cart and it instantly worked. I don’t take it off the first heat setting because it rippppssss! Thanks Stanky!

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