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Stanky® Preheat MAX

(28 customer reviews)


400 mAh Vape Pen Battery with Variable Voltage Settings and Preheat Function

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Stanky Vape Pen Preheat MAX Battery

The Stanky Preheat MAX: a high-quality and reliable battery designed for concentrate cartridges. Give yourself the green light to consume your favorite oil with this durable, long-lasting, and portable battery. The Stanky Vape Pen Preheat MAX has great endurance with a capacity of 400mAh. It is charged via an included micro USB charger. The battery is also compatible with Android 5-pin phone chargers! The Preheat MAX has universal 510 threading which makes it compatible with just about any 510 threaded cartridge.

Compact Vape Pen Preheat MAX Battery with 510 Thread

The compact size of the Preheat MAX allows for stealthy usage and easy transport on the go. First, a 15-second preheat activates when you click the button twice in quick succession, and the battery also has three different voltage levels, which can be cycled through by clicking the button three times in quick succession. The LED indicator light will change from white (2.7v) to blue (3.1v), and finally to red (3.6v) as the voltage changes. The device is turned on and off with 5 quick presses of the button.

Kick Back and Relax with Long-Lasting Battery Life

A reliable, long-lasting battery means you can enjoy a relaxing vape whenever you want without recharging getting in the way. Stanky has the technology covered so you can enjoy your favorite oil in style any time or anywhere!


  • 400mAh Battery
  • Includes USB Charger
  • USB Passthrough
  • Slim Design
  • 510 Thread
  • Variable Voltage (3 rapid clicks) White: 2.7V – Blue: 3.1V – Red: 3.6V
  • Preheat Warming Feature 1.8V (2 rapid clicks)
  • Turn on/off (5 rapid clicks)
  • Built-in short circuit and overcharging protection

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28 reviews for Stanky® Preheat MAX

  1. Yossef Alsabawi

    Wow fast shipping and great product

  2. Yi Ping

    Thanks for shipping so fast

  3. Winston Huey

    This battery is the shiznit

  4. billyblack

    Nice product! The battery is very strong and last long.

  5. samk

    WOW! Best battery I’ve ever had!

  6. a.arthur

    Great quality!

  7. corey

    I don’t normally write reviews, but this product is a five star quality. Highly recommend to everyone.

  8. Yong Jin So

    Love it!

  9. Susan Lynch

    I’m very impressed, buying another one.

  10. Zabia Younes

    Thank you for get so fast

  11. Jerey Marchman

    Great product and price. I won’t use anything other than Stanky batteries and have great customer service as well thank y’all for the support and was nice enough to send me some decals as well and gave them to my friends that stay on the road all the time and maybe it will spread and boost sales. But thank you for making a great reliable product for a price that can’t be beat. ?

  12. Liam Brown

    Got it for a friend, he loves it!

  13. James Gonzalez

    Powerful and ergonomic battery, love it

  14. Sheila Winters

    Very convenient, sleek, and easy to use

  15. David E.

    The Preheat Max worked as advertised. Easy to use and I liked the visual, light flashing as it heated up, verification that it was working. My last one, not a Stanky mind you, didn’t give you any indication and then stopped working all together.

  16. Jim Boldown

    Encredibly easy to use, great vape pen

  17. James Gonzalez

    Stylish, small, works perfect

  18. Stan Hellis

    Affordable price for a long-lasting pen

  19. Anonymous


  20. Martin Marin

    Great device

  21. Noah Williams

    High quality, my third Stanky product

  22. Jeff Tracy

  23. Fran

    This is an awesome little pen. I love the preheat and 3 voltages. Function button works nicely. Quite slick looking in silver. Very impressed with my Preheat Max! ♥

  24. Angel

    Great battery makes some nice milky clouds would recommend to a friend for sure

  25. Anna G.

    Haven’t used yet

  26. Oren and Snyder

  27. Heidi S.

    Works perfectly and has a long charge. Love it!

  28. Anonymous

    Quality feels very sturdy and the look is great; preheat works beautifully; very little time between order being placed and shipped to me.

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