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Stanky® Stylus 510 Vape Pen Battery

(36 customer reviews)

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Stanky Stylus 280mAh Vape Pen Battery 510 Thread & USB Charger

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Stanky Stylus 510 Vape Pen Battery

Experience a truly serene and hassle-free vaping journey with the Stanky Stylus. This remarkable vape pen is designed to provide a chill and stress-free experience like no other. Equipped with a premium Class-A battery core, it ensures reliable performance and lasting power. With both automatic and puff-activated startup options, using the Stanky Stylus is effortless and convenient.

Compatible with a wide range of cartridges available on the market, this Stanky Vape Pen battery accommodates all your favorite oils. Rigorously tested with over 40 leading brands, it has proven to be exceptional with most cartridges, delivering a seamless vaping experience. However, please note that it may not work optimally with the Itsuwa Amigo (Rove and EvoLab) and V Lines cartridges. Rest assured, the Stanky Stylus is compatible with the majority of cartridges, enabling you to enjoy your preferred oils without any hassle.

To add a touch of style and distinction, our signature green light illuminates at the end of the Stanky Stylus with every puff, creating a visually pleasing and immersive experience. Embrace the ultimate relaxation as you savor each flavorful inhalation.

Choose the Stanky Stylus for a chill and stress-free vaping experience, and let it become your trusted companion for moments of tranquility and enjoyment.


Stanky Stylus Battery Pen Plus USB Charger – 510 Thread Compatible

Convenient Standby Mode: The battery remains in standby mode when not in use, helping to ensure that it lasts as long as you need it to.

Easy Charging Process: The charger LED will glow red while charging. The charger LED will turn green when the battery is fully charged

280mah capacity & Working voltage: 3.7v

Convenient USB Charger Plug allows for fast charge-ups whether at home or at your favorite hangout spot

Portable size makes it ideal & travel friendly

Lightweight & pocket friendly

Stylus: The rubber tip of the battery functions as a stylus for electronic touch-screen devices

LED Light Indicator: A LED located at the bottom of the battery will glow GREEN when you engage, indicating that the device is working

Low Battery Indicator: The LED will flash 10 times when the battery is low

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36 reviews for Stanky® Stylus 510 Vape Pen Battery

  1. Yi Xi


  2. Yang Liu

    works well with my oils

  3. Yun Zhou

    Good for my CBD and my OTHER carts

  4. Brad Taylor

    These batteries are very easy to use and work great. I highly recommend these batteries to all.

  5. Ying Yang

    very good

  6. William Roberts

    Great product and customer service. Had a small issue but they resolved it the same day

  7. Zachary Miller

    Great product, exactly as described

  8. Vidal Flores

    An amazing batter and very discreet as well! Easy too use and it’s also perfect for usage of your phone if you have gloves on!

  9. Anonymous

    Works great

  10. Jim

    Top of the line

  11. William Rodriguez

    Love the design

  12. Daniel Moore

    Perfect small device

  13. Peggy Inman

    They work great, the charge lasts along time, I just love it!!

  14. Chelsea Burke

    Modern design, great price

  15. Elisha Queen

    My favorite Stanky

  16. Laurence Gaddard

    Love slim design

  17. Bobby Brown

    Tiny, descreet and portable pen

  18. Shawn Koor

    Functions great

  19. Bart Ciorowski

    High quality 510 thread battery

  20. Elijah Taylor

    Stanky – is the best stylus on the market!!!!!

  21. Sande Brown

    This is by far the best I have ever had it doesn’t die

  22. William Rodriguez

    Premium vape pen

  23. Febian Ghese

    Won’t weigh down your poket. Great vape pen battery

  24. Gregory B.

    Very nice product as well last a long time before charging works great very good quality for cash company is very awesome excellent customer service give big props to stanky vape will deff buy off company again and again thank u stanky ???

  25. Ava Miller

    Lightweight, compatible with 510 threaded cartriges, love it

  26. Gregory Bailey

    Sweet stylist vape pen works great for what attended for will buy more last a while on charge rugged feel great web sight I recommend to anyone

  27. Michael L.

    This pen is my new favorite. It has a sleek , compact design and a long lasting battery. It is perfect for the 510 cartridges no matter what size it is. I bought one for my family as well, buy one for someone you love and they will love you for it!

  28. Eric B.

    Very pleased!!! Second product I have purchased this month!! Very happy I stumbled apon yall’s site!! This is where I am buying and recommending from now on!!

  29. Suhail G.

    Great Pen! Not too harsh, which is my preference. I had an issue with the first pen but Stanky’s customer service is amazing and super helpful! After we did some troubleshooting, I still had issues, so they sent me a replacement. I was very grateful! They have a customer for life!

  30. Marilyn

    These pen batteries hold their charge longer than any other I have purchased.

  31. lisa


  32. Clarisse

    I love these because when you first charge it is red, when it is fully charged it turns green. Great for the money!

  33. Michael Figueroa

  34. Drina

  35. Loretta Moore

    wish it came with more tips, My handicap grandson uses them, his hands are tight so the tips tend to pop off.

  36. Anonymous

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