Vape Pen Battery Guide For 2021

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Vape pens are getting viral among all generations day by day. You can consider it as the latest fashion in smoking. The beauty of vape pens is that they are small yet powerful. Let’s have a look at the current vaping trends. The vaping trend is gradually dominating the fashion industry and has become popular among everyone. It is a leading source of THC and CBD dosage for the majority of people. Two main aspects are contributing to the wide adoption of vaping. The first one is that vaping fulfills a person’s desire to consume cannabis daily, and secondly, it takes the combustion and chemicals away from conventional smoking.

Various cartridges are available for vapers to regulate the level of nicotine or cannabis they consume on a daily basis without any uncomfortable and harmful side-effects, as vaping is less hazardous than conventional smoking. Talking about the side-effects, let us tell you that vape is relatively less harmful than cigarettes or flower and is the best smoking alternative available in the market. That’s why people are switching from smoking to vaping.

Here at Stanky Vapes, we decided to try something new – educating our buyers about trendy vape culture. So regardless if you are a beginner or an amateur, you are at the right place at the right time.

Let’s have a look here…..


Stanky Vapes provides you with the most versatile and unique Key Fob Vape Battery design with a universal 510 threaded connection and a built-in USB charger to charge it. If we talk about the anatomy of our Key Fob Vape Battery, then it consists of 3 major components; the cartridge, battery, and atomizer. The premium-class lithium battery stores the power and transfers it to the automizer, which means these batteries are more efficient than other batteries.

The atomizer (heating element) in the cartridge heats up and vaporizes the oil in the cartridge. These two components are aligned with each other with the help of 510 thread connections; that is why our vapes are known as Stanky® 510 Vape Pen Battery. To summarize, charge your vape’s battery to transfer the power to the atomizer to complete the vaping process.

To provide you the best and flawless experience, Stanky® Vapes gives you premium quality vapes in which all of these components work together with efficiency. Moreover, to give a funky look, our buttonless stylus vape batteries glow with a green light on the tip, every-time you puff on it or put it on the charger.

Working Voltage in Vapes

Each vape at Stanky® Vapes operates at a different voltage ranging from 2.5V to 4.8V; each one is separately explained at the bottom of this page. The right flow of voltage to power up the atomizer is the most critical thing as this determines how smooth a vape works. The right amount of voltage is required to attain the optimal temperature (290°C to 340°C) to vaporize the oil. All the vape batteries at our store work effectively on compatible voltage and give the best vaping experience.

MAH Rating

Our customers frequently ask this question, “What is the MAH rating of your vape batteries?” because it determines how long this vape battery stay charged for. The vape batteries at Stanky® Vapes consist of 280Mah up to 1000Mah power.

Variety of Vape Pen batteries at Stanky® Vapes

A variety of stylish and trendy vape batteries are available at Stanky Vapes that will conveniently elevate your vaping experience.

Stanky® Twist Slim 510 Pen Vape Battery and USB Charger

Our Twist slim pen vape battery is the unique and latest design in the market, with a USB charger attached. The versatility of this vape battery provides a simple design to the newbies. It features universal 510 threading and adjustable temperature dial settings.

The extraordinary USB smart charger will swiftly charge your vape battery and will keep its power up for a longer time for a fun session.

The essential aspect that outstands our vape with others is its signature green light that glows when you take a puff or put it on the charger. The green light looks eye-catchy and gives a nice look.


  • Adjustable Voltage: 3.3V – 4.8V.
  • 15-Second Hold Time and fits all 510 Thread.

Stanky® Key Fob Battery

It is one of the most effective vape batteries at our store as it is embedded with a super powerful 350mAh lithium battery that keeps it charged up for 2 to 3 days. It also features a built-in USB charging cable that makes it easy to recharge at anytime, anywhere.

Let us teach you some important instructions to handle this vape battery. Firstly, connect your cartridge to the vaporizer and press the power button (at the side of the vape) 5 times to turn the device ON or OFF. After that, again hold the power button to start heating your cartridge. After 12 seconds, Stanky Key FOB Vape Battery will turn the heating off to prevent over-heating.

Two-color plates:

  • Available in two color plates: Silver & Black (Limited Edition).

Stanky® Stylus 510 Vape Pen Battery

Want a relaxing and mesmerizing vape experience? Then what are you waiting for? Stanky Stylus is the best shot to be taken! Its unique feature of automatic and puff-activated provides ease of use and a serene experience. Our Stylus 510 Vape Pen Battery is compatible with almost all types of cartridges of your favorite oil on the market.

Some Extra Features:

  • 280mah capacity & Working voltage: 3.7v
  • Lightweight & pocket-friendly.
  • The LED will flash ten times when the battery is low.

Stanky® Vape Pen Preheat MAX Battery

It is clear from its title that this Vape Pen features the best-of-all-time battery with a capacity of 400mAh that keeps its powered up for a long time. It can easily be charged up via a micro USB Cable. It comes with the functionality of voltage variation; meaning you can change its voltage.


  • 400mAh Battery.
  • Includes USB Charger.
  • Variable Voltage (3 rapid clicks).

Stanky® Squeeze Vape Battery

If you are searching for a Vape battery with long battery life, then this vape is made for you! Squeeze Vape Battery comes with pre-filled cartridges and has a wide range of temperature settings. The included USB micro cable charges it conveniently without any issue.

Stanky® Squeeze Features:

  • Voltage Options (3.42V, 3.6V, 3.8V, or 4.0V).
  • 1000mAh Battery.
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Adjustable Temperature.

1ml All Glass 510 Vape Cartridges

Stanky Vapes also deals in premium quality 1ml All Glass 510 Vape Cartridges made of ceramic and glass. It is created to be sturdy and robust to avoid any oil leakage. Pyrex material has been used in its construction that prevents cracking so that you can easily carry your vape battery or cartridge.


  • It contains no THC or CBD; the tanks are EMPTY.
  • No replacement on used items.
  • Pyrex glass tube tank.
  • 1ml capacity.
  • 360-degree leak prevention.

Stanky® 2 Inch Herb Grinder

Grinding herbs is a hectic task but no need to hassle with the grinding phase anymore, as Stanky Vapes provides you the best, easy-to-use, and convenient herb grinder that is also easy to carry.

The “Tear Drop Hole Pattern” allows the product to pass through the holes and move to the next compartment. This pattern in the grinder makes sure that herbs are well cut and do not get stuck in the holes.