Vaping with Marijuana

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Vaping can be quite easy. A vape, which is also known as a vaporizer is a device that has the single functionality of turning substances into vapor. The use is common for medicinal inhalation. The definition is somewhat broad, but this is due to the many uses for which vapes can be put. Vapes come in different shapes and sizes. From the larger tabletop vapes to the smaller pocket-sized vape that is no larger than a cigar stick. However, it is the latter, which are mostly vape pens that you have in mind when thinking about vaping. But a dive into the vaping world will open your mind to the opportunities of using larger table units.

Historically, vapes have been around for quite a while. Their use at the early stages of their discovery was majorly for vaporizing things from essential oils in their homes to perfumed ointment. They were also used in treating some illnesses. Due to the limited technology at the time, those types of vapes were often large and required a great deal of power to function. Then, through the years, the vape pen technology was introduced into the market. Originally, the creation of vape pens was meant to help smokers quit the act. However, the technology gained popularity quickly as people began to discover it could be used for marijuana. This led to the extensive modification of vape pen technology.

How Vaping Works

If you have never used a vaporizer, you’re probably wondering how exactly the mechanism works. There are several different kinds of vaporizers and across them are different modes of operations. For starters, vaporizers used for essential oils work by heating water just below the boiling point. Some other vaporizers work by heating the metallic or air element in the device. And others work by heating the entire tank itself. Regardless of the procedure, it all comes down to heating a substance. The primary function of the vaporizer is the conversion of the cannabis or whatever substance into vapor at a temperature lower than lighting it on fire. The amount of heat provided by burning flames is around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A chemical compound like cannabis only requires around 284 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to vaporize. The excessive heat from the flames simply destroys most of the good stuff you’re trying to ingest. By this theory, if you use the vaporizer properly, you should be able to get more effect of the cannabis substance into your body than you would from burning it. Another advantage the vaping technology has over the traditional means of smoking is the smoothness. When you smoke with flames, the inhalation process is sometimes harsh. This is completely avoided when you make use of a vaporizer.

How to Vape Cannabis

The growing adoption of States in the United States and other places around the globe legalizing marijuana is a major advantage for the vaping industry. Vaping cannabis is a step-by-step process. Depending on your preferences, you can either choose your strain of cannabis first or choose the vaping device. However, you should know that this process is interchangeable. The process includes:

Choice of Cannabis

This stage goes beyond just selecting the strain of marijuana you want to use, it involves choosing the form of cannabis you want to vaporize.

The Bud: This is a fairly common choice among people trying out vape with cannabis for the first time. However, you will need to get a special type of vape that can handle the dryness of the bud. The use of bud still requires the device to heat the plant to high temperatures. This is due to the high burning point of plant matter.

Concentrates: This covers a fairly broad category of cannabinoids. They include wax, shatter, and oil. These forms of cannabis are by far more potent than the traditional plant, as the THC is directly extracted from the plant matter. This is also responsible for its popularity among experienced vape users.

Tinctures: Tinctures are as well often taken among vape users. With just a few drops of this substance under your tongue, you start to feel the cannabis effects extensively.

Choose Your Vape Device

The choice of your preferred vaping device is attached to several factors including the size, your financial capacities, and the extensiveness of its use.

Tabletop Unit: If you’re not on a budget and don’t mind a little size, you will be happy with a tabletop vaporizer. The major disadvantage of this type is the difficulty in their mobility. However, using this will extend the effects of cannabis to everyone in the room.

Disposable Vapes: This is the most used kind for people that are new to the vaping scene. As the name implies, these have a one-time use and are prefilled with the e-liquid of your choosing.

Pre-filled cartridges: Some vaping companies simplify the vaping process by prefilling cartridges for people. You can purchase a 0.5ML or 1ML cartridge filled with THC and make use of it on your device.

Refillable Vaporizers: This type of vaporizer is made up of a battery attached to a tank. The device can be dismantled easily to reveal the tank chamber and users can fill it up whenever they exhaust their content. This type is usually more compiled than the disposable vapes and prefilled cartridges. This is due to the flexibility of use which they offer.

Choose Your Dosage

The dosage of cannabis used is important in determining how your experience with vaping will go. The use of excessive cannabinoids can easily get you too high and not enough of it may not have any effect on you.


When you have decided on all the above factors, the next step is to start enjoying your vape. Then with the growing experience that comes with constantly making use of vapes, you can change some of the above stages at your discretion. The best option for beginners is to keep it light on the vaping scene. The more you make use of it, the more options you will gain exposure to exploring. To maximize your enjoyment, you should stay away from vapes with complicated controls and stick to simple things. Following this process, you are looking at having a great ride with vapes.